About me

I am a machine learning researcher with more than 10 years of work experience in industries. My main focus is the application of machine learning models in text mining and text comprehension. I worked on different projects in this area, such as statistical machine translation, question answering systems, lexicography, search engines and discourse knowledge extraction.

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It doesn't matter who hurt you, or broke you down, what matter is who made you smile again.


I am passionate about machine learning algorithms. More specifically, I am interested in representation learning, unsupervised learning, and generative models. I also like codding and building tools. I am fan of open source platforms such as DKPro, ClearTK.


Currently, I work at Amazon as an applied scientist. My team is responsible to resolve entities in dialog systems. Before this, I was the technical lead of the NLP team at ElementAI. My responsibility is to identify and develop a solution for various NLP problems based on the most recent studies in deep learning and NLP. Before ElementAI, I worked at Constellio as a researcher and developer. My main responsibility at Constellio was to make their document management system more intelligent by using ML/NLP algorithms.


  • Sep 2018: Joined Amazon as an applied scientist
  • Sep 2017: Get Best Young Researcher Award at RANLP 2017
  • Feb 2017: Joined ElementAI as an applied research scientist